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Sielco s.r.l

Tel.+39 02 45713300
Fax.+39 02 45713351

Company Profile


Siel, then Siel Broadcast and now SIELCO has a long history in the "Broadcast" field having manufactured and distributed worldwide FM transmitters and STL radiolinks since 1980 to present days.

Born in Milan, today it is situated in the industrial area of Buccinasco, in the south-west district of Milan, which is about 10 minutes far.

With the birth of SIELCO we mean to have carried out an important turning point: a new Property, a new Chief and a new Management together with the continuity of the technical Staff made of experienced technicians and engineers that have been in the years the main strong part of the Company.

The actual owner is directly related to MEG ITALIA Company, a leader manufacturer of Electronic equipment operating in the market since 1968 (

With all of us, the client can count on a modern, flexible, steady and efficient team consisting of 20 people, either employees or collaborators.

Our Mission: to provide FM radio stations around the world with a product always at state-of-the-art, innovative and reliable with the best balance between quality and price.


Sielco Srl - Via Toscana 57/59 - 20090 Buccinasco (MI) - ITALY