Dear Customers,

following the well-known events of COVID-19 Corona Virus that are afflicting a part of northern Italy, we are pleased to inform you that we as Sielco and all our staff are regularly at work, everybody in excellent health.

We didn't have to face any kind of problem, our work continues absolutely smoothly and without interruption. Wide availability of all our products and immediate shipments of your orders as always, in the best and fastest possible way.

In addition, the Sielco strategy of ALWAYS having the transmitters and STL radiolinks available in large quantities in stock helps to amortize in the time any possible delay in the procurement of the needed electronic components coming from China, country where the virus originated.

We really thank you for all the emails of support we have received. 
We repeat once again that the activity in Sielco (as indeed for most of Italy) is proceeding regularly.

For anything we are always at your disposal and we take this opportunity to remind you that the sale of our new POLYECO 1000W DIGITAL FM transmitter has already started, for a new and better transmission experience! 

Go to our website for more information.

Thanks to you all from the Sielco staff!