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Our family of PolyEco Series digital FM transmitters, available with powers from 30 to 1000 W, is appreciated for many qualities, including compactness, reliability and minimum operating costs. This is proved by the many broadcasters who use it daily with great satisfaction.

But that's not all: its extreme flexibility allows us to adapt it to the specific needs of each user. Yes: from 2022, its high-performance FPGA, in synergy with the experience of our development team, can integrate new functions on demand or modify those already available. This makes the PolyEco Series always updated according to user needs. An unprecedented degree of customization that makes many competitor products suddenly look old.

An example? Some users wanted the automatic reduction of power on specific days and times with the possibility of doing it even between one day and another. No problem, thanks to the recent FPGA revision. Also, upon request, we have also equipped it with a wider range of audio backup options. In fact, in the event that the modulation source is missing, it is now possible to automatically select an alternative with many possibilities: .mp3 files saved in a USB stick, an internal microSD card also defining their order of reproduction, or even via streaming LAN which, when needed, can even take advantage of a larger memory buffer.

Any user of the PolyEco Series can integrate these new functions for free by simply requesting FPGA updates from us and installing them in their device.

But there is another news: the optional SPOLYECOAC card which notifies the user of the power failure via an email before the appliance switches off. And for even greater flexibility, OPTSFN, the 10MHz SFN (Single Frequency Network) option that can be activated via software.

We are proud to offer our customers a reliable, cost-saving and high-quality solution. But above all, always up-to-date and able to brilliantly solve the problems of those who work every day in the field.

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