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7/15W (215~960 MHz) 2/5W (1.3~2.5 GHz) transmitter  N connector  5,5 kg   483 X 88 X 320 mm

EXC18B is an advanced VHF/UHF transmitter for radio links, ideal for pairing with the RTX18B receiver and featuring an aesthetic that matches our EX30GT FM exciter. Based on direct and agile frequency synthesis, it can be set to a wide range of frequencies with 10 or 25 kHz steps, ensuring excellent modulation with low noise and distortion, as well as a broad bandwidth. Its simple and modular construction simplifies maintenance, while the temperature-compensated frequency reference ensures high precision even at higher frequencies. EXC18B offers intuitive control through a multifunction rotary knob and can be programmable and remotely monitored. It can also be equipped with optional cards like the digital synthesis stereo decoder and remote control Ethernet web server, SNMP, and GSM. 

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