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PolyEco Series

PolyEco is Sielco's innovative family of digital FM light range transmitters intended as exciters of power systems or as high performance compact transmitters. PolyEco is currently available in power ratings of 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000W in the same type of rack.

Its main peculiarity is the versatility of interfacing with all the most modern digital audio systems, while maintaining absolute compatibility with all analog audio sources.

PolyEco also offers very high energy efficiency which minimizes consumption, reduces operating costs and makes it ideal for replacing old polluting transmitters in an ecological, elegant and efficient way.

The PolyEco Series also boasts maximum flexibility in upgrading the functions via software and two precious options: the SPOLYECOAC card which warns of AC mains failure via email and OPTSFN, the software expansion for SFN (Single Frequency Network) synchronization.

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